I’ve been drawing and designing since I was a small child, rendering cats in crayon and color blocking in colored pencils. My hobby soon turned to passion around the age of 12 after viewing a Frank Gehry exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. One look at his work inspired me to pursue my own career in design.

As a designer I’ve worked with companies to design and produce lighting fixtures, furniture, upscale pet kennels, and modernize existing furniture lines. I’ve worked in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, creating pieces that have been manufactured and sold to consumers regionally and nationally, like dressers, beds, chairs, buffets, entertainment centers, even a unique line of pet furniture designed for both human and animal use.

I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with my B.F.A in Furniture Design, however my abilities and interests extend far beyond just furniture. My skill in programs, such as Solidworks, Keyshot, and Auto CAD, allow me to conceptualize, design, and render a wide range of products. Thanks to my comprehensive knowledge of art history and fine art techniques, as well as my talents in woodworking, painting, sculpting, and sketching, employers have found that my design eye and technical ability allow me to work well in many types of creative positions.

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